Healthcare professionals have become buried in mountains of paperwork in order to receive credentialing and privileging authorization at healthcare facilities.  Job applications can require more than 30 pages of information, plus an additional 20 – 30 pages of supporting documentation.  Finding, storing, updating, maintaining, and providing the required information to facilities can be a painstaking and time consuming process. The credentialing and privileging process can take many weeks to complete as documentation is  gathered and completed.  This is especially painful for locum tenens providers and those facilities looking to hire locum tenens providers as they both quickly want to get the provider credentialed and working.  The slower the process, the more time the provider is not billable, leading to pain for the provider, facility, and staffing agency helping place the locum tenens provider.

With more that 30 years combined in the healthcare staffing industry, MedPro Assistant recognized a significant need for providers to maintain all of their credentialing records, while still focusing on providing the best healthcare to patients.  We are committed to make it easier and more efficient for physicians to store, manage, and maintain all of their critical hiring information in one location.  This makes it simple and effective for our clients to speed up the credentialing and privileging process, leading to faster onboarding time at hiring facilities.  

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About Us
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